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Accidents and injuries can happen on the job all too often. From incidents involving heavy machinery and serious hazards to hand, arm, wrist and back pain from long-term desk and computer work. Simply put our bodies can be in jeopardy at work. Sometimes a slip, fall, or strain can lead to immediate acute pain or may slowly build into progressive discomfort over time. With most people spending the majority of their waking hours on the job, it’s important that the bases are covered to ensure sustained health and safety, and to compensate for when accidents and injuries do happen.

As your specialists in physical health and recovery, Centro Chiropractic Clinic accepts Worker’s Compensation at all of our premier clinics in the Portland metropolitan area.

Before and throughout the scheduling and treatment process, the staff at Centro Chiropractic Clinic will navigate the reporting, billing, and any reimbursement involved in your particular claim. We provide the most comprehensive chiropractic therapy for Worker’s Compensation in the Portland area and will make sure you receive an effective and efficient treatment plan for your particular injury and circumstance.

We have the best service, the best options, and the best results for your Worker’s Compensation claim needs. Get started on the path to recovery!


In order to start processing your Worker’s Compensation options and begin therapy, we need the following information from you regarding your Worker’s Compensation:

Name of company
Phone number
Adjuster’s name
Claim number

Before your initial appointment begins we require authorization from your Worker’s Compensation carrier, and our friendly insurance and billing specialists will work closely with you to make sure your benefits and options are entirely understood and utilized. At Centro Chiropractic Clinic, we know that getting the treatment you need and deserve is your ticket to a healthy and sustained recovery. That’s why we have specialists ready to explain and navigate the process of receiving benefits from your Worker’s Compensation insurance company.

Achieving a timely, integrated, and therapeutic resolution to your Worker’s Compensation claim is our primary focus and we will work side by side with you to ensure you receive the highest quality of chiropractic and massage care possible.

Do you have questions regarding your options after a work-related injury? Call our friendly staff at Centro Chiropractic Clinic today to discuss your options and the next steps you can take. We look forward to seeing you in our office to plan out a therapeutic treatment plan that will bring you the greatest level of comfort, healing, and peace of mind. Get started on the path to recovery!

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