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“My experience at Centro Chiropractic was very good. I enjoyed everybody that works there, very helpful staff. I love the massages. I like the environment and also they have an excellent doctor. I would come back if I get into another vehicle accident.”"

Natalie O.

“I am very happy I decided to come to Centro Chiropractic Clinic. When I first started coming to Centro it was hard for me to do my daily activities, but with the treatment the staff has provided for me, I feel 99% better since my first visit. The staff is very helpful and always super friendly. They make me feel right at home. I have recommended family members to Centro and I will continue to do so. I would come back if I am ever involved in a car accident again. I am very thankful for Dr. Jeffers and her staff.”

Lidia C.

“Centro has been great! I was in an auto accident and they were so quick to treat me and get me feeling back to normal. Dana is the best massage therapist ever, Dr. Gregg and Dr. Christy were so great, the staff, Nancy and Yadira are both friendly and great. I always look forward to my appointments at their office.” 


"I had an accident 5 months ago and my recovery has been good thanks to Centro Chiropractic since they have excellent staff in general and the attention they gave me is a 10. They made me feel great both physically and personally. Thank you very much and God bless them."

Carmen V.

“I like the way everyone treats me. I feel like everyone is caring towards me.”

Josefina M.

“Muy excelente! I feel very comfortable in this clinic and my recovery has been faster than I expected. The staff is excellent! I have recommended this clinic to my family and friends.”

Aurora M.


“Everyone has treated me great. The staff is very nice to me and I like the way I’m treated. Not to mention, I feel so much better because of the treatment.”

Elidia B.

“I think that Centro has a great routine that the patients can really adapt to, that makes recovery really easy. The staff is really nice and friendly. If I needed to come back, I gladly would because everything is just wonderful. I can also say that the doctors are great and work with you to help you meet your needs. I would rate them a 9 on both the staff and doctor.”  

Esmeralda O.

“Centro has been doing a good job helping my back get better. They have a very friendly staff who know me by my first name. The place is always clean and I feel like they appreciate my business.”


"Thank you for the massages. They helped me a lot”.




“Thank you for your attention. It helped me a lot.”



“Thank you for your treatment. It helped me a lot.”



“Thank you for the adjustments. It made me trust being in your care and I appreciate it a lot. I leave happy for having been one of your patients. Thank you everyone.”

Roque C.

“I am very happy with the treatment that I am receiving, from the doctor to the massage therapists and assistants to the receptionist. Everything is excellent, the treatment I have received, as well as the treatment my family has received.”

Maria D.


“My experience at Centro Chiropractic has been amazing. The workers are super friendly and caring and make sure that you receive the treatment you deserve. Dr. Taylor is rad!”  

Jessica D.


“I have been going to Centro for 6 months. Now everytime I go there I’m greeted with the best customer service, and the most courteous employees I’ve ever come across. Centro has been a very, very positive experience. Their schedule has been very helpful with my work schedule. They have made it so I can make it on time to all my appointments. This is very important so I heal faster from my injury. I have referred my friends to Centro and I have told them about my experience and how good it was. This is my testimony and I would like to thank Centro for making me feel like I will get better with a little help from my new friends at Centro.”



"I would like to thank you "Centro Chiropractic Clinic" for helping me feel better after being in so much pain. You all have always attended to all my needs and made me feel comfortable in every visit. Thank you so much again and I would recommend other to your clinic."

Alejandro R.


"I would like to thank the staff at Centro Chiropractic for treating me well in every one of my visits. The pain and body aches that I had are all gone now, thanks to you. I would recommend Centro Chiropractic to other people, thank you for everything." 

Lisa R


"My experience at Centro Chiropractic Clinic was really good and the staff was very professional. And something I really liked was that before I was asked any questions, I was asked how I was doing in every visit, I pleasantly liked that very much. I would recommend Centro Chiropractic Clinic to anyone and I would like to tell everyone there to continue doing what you’re doing, I appreciate you all very much."

Sergio M


"I had a wonderful treatment by Centro Chiropractic Clinic. They did a great job on my injury. Also very friendly and kind people. Definitely I would tell my friends to go there. Thank you guys."

Nadia K


"I loved the care and everything else, everyone is so friendly, I would recommend it to everybody." 

Daisy R


"I definitely recommend Centro Chiropractic in Keizer, the staff is wonderful and I feel very well taken care of. The doctor is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what she’s doing!"

Kasia N


Centro Chiropractic Clinic has helped me a lot and the people who work here are very kind. The therapy is fantastic! I like that they’ve helped me and my family, the same day shortly after the accident happened. If anything like that happened again, I would definitely come back.



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