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An Open Letter To Our Patients Concerning Insurance In Oregon

Centro Chiropractic Clinics have been around  for over 12 years now  and have seen over 10,000 patients who have been injured in auto accidents. During those 12 years we have seen a variety of different injuries and have dealt with most, if not, all auto insurance companies doing business in Oregon.

What has been our experience? Overall, pretty good!

And, the good news is - after you’ve been in a car accident, the majority of Insurance companies out there do exactly what they are supposed to do: they fix your car and pay for your medical and chiropractic bills to get your car and your body back to pre-accident condition. This is what you’ve paid for, often for many years, faithfully and without fail - because it’s the law to have car insurance, because you want your car fixed after an accident, and of course because you also want your accident-related injury treatment paid for by your car insurance (which after all is what you’ve been paying for all those years). This is exactly what should happen and exactly what you should receive after the unfortunate event of a car accident. Thankfully, this is, in fact, what happens most of the time!

The bad news though, is that  some insurance companies out there play games with their customers and deny their insured’s legitimate claims. It’s sad to see this - that after years of dutifully  paying their monthly premiums for car insurance, when an auto accident does unfortunately happen, some insurance companies play these games and deny payment for injuries from an auto accident. At Centro, we’ve noticed these trends and patterns of behavior because we have 9 clinics, and therefore we see hundreds of auto accident injuries each month. These trends and patterns of behavior even more obvious  because with some insurance companies these illegitimate denials don’t happen to one or a few of their customers, they happen to almost all of them, regardless of the severity of the accident, and regardless of the injuries. Sad, isn’t it?  We think so, too.  And now, Centro would like to help its patients stand up for themselves and do something about these insurance “bad apples.”  Together, we can make a difference.  We can push back tell those insurance companies that they cannot treat their customers that way!

If you feel you’ve been mistreated by your insurance company after a car accident because they didn’t pay for your car to be fixed or they didn’t pay for your medical or chiropractic treatment after a car accident, click the link below! It will take you to the online complaint form for the Oregon Insurance Commissioner’s office. All you have to do is fill the form out online and send it in.  The Oregon Insurance Commissioner’s Office will then have the information it needs to investigate the insurance companies that are misbehaving and causing you, their customers, to be mistreated. Hopefully, by having customers stand up and inform the Insurance Commissioner what is happening in our great state of Oregon, this reprehensible  behavior by insurance companies will stop.  Fewer injury claims will be wrongfully denied, and we can collectively put an end to these terrible behaviors.  And, you can receive your rightful benefits that you’ve paid for for so many years.

Consumer Complaints at The Oregon Insurance Commissioner’s Office: 

So that’s one thing you can do.  Centro wants to help more.  What else can Centro Chiropractic Clinics do to help you, the public?!

Well, we can shine a light on these bad actors.  But we’d like to do so in a positive way.  So, instead of focusing on the negative and listing the insurance companies that play these unfortunate games with their customers, Centro has chosen instead to keep a list of the insurance companies that in our experience do a GREAT JOB of taking care of their customers after an auto accident!

This list below will be updated monthly to accurately reflect any changes in good (or bad) behavior that we see on our end 🙂

Insurance Companies that do a GREAT JOB in taking care of their clients:

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