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Sports Injury Treatment

Here at Centro Chiropractic, our physicians are focused on alleviating pain and discomfort associated with injuries, including those which are a result of a sports injury.  Our chiropractors encourage athletes and active individuals to come into our clinics for regular adjustments to help maintain a healthy spine and prevent the possibility of developing more serious injuries in the future.  Unfortunately, sports injuries can occur but when they do, chiropractic care can help.

One of our chiropractors will conduct a complete assessment to determine the underlying cause of pain and other symptoms associated with the injury.  The consultation may include a physical analysis, as well as X-rays.  Once a diagnosis is made, we will come up with a treatment plan to encourage proper alignment of the disc and vertebrae, which can become displaced when jolted by a collision during athletic activity.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments we may also recommend other non-invasive therapies to help manage your symptoms. One such therapy we may use is massage therapy.  Massage therapy is used to help relax your muscles and release toxins that may cause you to have a limited range of motion.  Patients who use massage therapy in combination with chiropractic treatment often experience less muscle soreness and often times heal faster after chiropractic treatment sessions.

In addition to massage therapy your treatment might include physiotherapy to improve your range of motion and help manage any pain you may be experiencing.  Physiotherapy consists of exercises that challenge the muscles and joints in specific movements, which over time may facilitate faster healing, as well as provide relief from pain associated with your injury.

If you are in need of treatment for a sports injury, call us today at 503-550-1140 for a free consultation.  We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy spine and an active lifestyle free of injury.   

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“My experience at Centro Chiropractic has been amazing. The workers are super friendly and caring and make sure that you receive the treatment you deserve.”  

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