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Neck Pain

Neck Pain is a common health complaint and there are many things that can cause neck pain and discomfort.  It is often times caused by whiplash sustained in a car crash or other accident but can also be the result of poor posture.  Many patients with neck pain have lost the normal forward curve in the neck.  This can affect the brain stem and spinal cord.

If you have a hard time looking over your shoulder, or there is a constant pulling or throbbing pain in your neck, or if you notice a “grinding” sound as you turn your head, then you should contact Centro Chiropractic Clinic for treatment.     

A popular response to neck pain is taking drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, or pain pills to cover up the problem or to treat its symptoms but this does not address what is causing the pain.  Unfortunately, neck pain isn't caused by a lack of aspirin or prescription pills, and masking the pain does not address what is causing it.

Here at Centro Chiropractic Clinic our approach to neck pain is to locate its underlying cause.  This begins with a complete case history and thorough examination. During the examination one of our highly skilled chiropractic physicians will determine several important factors.  Is the proper spinal curve present in your neck? Are the nerve openings between each pair of spinal bones free and clear? Is the head balanced? Are your shoulders level?  All of these considerations are used to create a specific treatment plan to improve the motion and position of your spinal vertebrae.   

With improved structure and function, neck pain often diminishes or totally disappears without addictive drugs or surgery.  Give us a call today at 503-550-1140 for a free consultation.

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