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Auto Accident Injury

There are thousands of car accidents in Oregon each year. We always seem to worry about the damage done to our car but what about the damage done to our body? We won't have that car our entire life, but we only have one body during our lifetime. Here at Centro Chiropractic Clinic our chiropractic physicians and licensed massage therapists specialize in treating injuries from car accidents. So don’t ignore any pain or discomfort you feel after your car accident. Give us a call to make an appointment at one of our clinics today!

​What percentage of people involved in low speed crashes are injured?

A study by Foret-Bruno of over 8,000 automobile crashes revealed that 36% of people involved in an accident were injured when the change in the vehicle velocity was less than 9.3 mph. 9.3 mph is how fast many of us drive in a parking lot!

I was involved in a car accident where my car did not even get damaged, why do I have pain now?​

A study by Chapline revealed that 38% of women and 19% of men sustained an injury after a car accident, even though their car was not damaged. Most modern vehicles are made to withstand crashes up to 8-10 mph without incurring any damage to the car. An average, healthy, adult male can get a neck injury with change in velocity of only 2.5 mph to 5 mph.  Therefore, modern cars can crash at speeds that are fast enough to injure you, but not fast enough to damage your car.

Is it safer to sit in the front seat or the back seat of a car, or does it matter?

​​A study by Lovsund found that back seat passengers were slightly more likely to be injured than front seat passengers.

Should I ignore my neck pain after a car accident?​​

No you shouldn't.  A study by Freeman found that 45% of the American population that had chronic neck pain attributed the cause of their pain to a previous car crash.

What is PIP?​

The following information is not legal advice and is not a substitute for speaking with an attorney specializing in PIP law.

All Oregon car insurance policies have what is called PIP (personal injury protection) as part of your car insurance, even if you only have basic liability insurance instead of full coverage insurance, and even if your car was at fault in the accident.

PIP gives each person in the involved car up to 1 year of treatment and pays up to $15,000 of all necessary medical expenses to treat your injuries related to the car accident. “Medical” expenses include: chiropractic treatments, emergency room visits, medicine, medical doctor visits, and the ambulance bill to name a few. Also, your car insurance deductible does not apply to your PIP as there is usually no deductible to pay with PIP.

Although Oregon law gives all auto insurance policies $15,000 of PIP for each occupant of the vehicle, some Oregon drivers elect to buy more PIP coverage from their insurance agent.

If you were a pedestrian or a bicyclist and you were hit by a car, your own PIP policy will cover you first. If you were a pedestrian or bicyclist and you don’t have your own car insurance, then the PIP policy of the car that hit you will cover your medical expenses.

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